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Sunday, December 4, 2016

For The Second Sunday Of Advent 2016

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Enjoy the music and the images presented in the two videos below — the first choral and the second orchestral:

[Cyber Hymnal's entry for "Of the Father's Love Begotten"]

[Wikipedia has a detailed entry]

Thursday, December 1, 2016

What is this "fundamental transformation" of which you speak?

Posted by Warren

I've heard many people comment on this.

To "Progressives", it seems to be a quest against a wicked and cruel America full of hate and repression against the poor and minorities. An America with imperialist ambitions that causes all the problems in the world, that represses blacks and women and wants to destroy the environment.

Utter BS! But notice this meme hits all the paranoid fantasies of delusional leftists.

To Conservatives, it sounds like a focus group tested phrase that would appeal to the delusional left, which it is, but I am afraid it has a far more serious implication than just a catch phrase.

I believe there is a specific task that is required as a first step.

I said all of that to say this.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Personal Update

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Note: I foresee that I will be a while before I get back to blogging full steam ahead. This post explains why. My dear friend Warren will be taking up my slack as he finds time to do so:

Yesterday, I saw my kidney surgeon for a follow-up visit to my November 21 surgery to address hydronephrosis of the left kidney — that diagnosis determined in early June (although I'd been having off-and-on nebulous symptoms since at least March). The doctor has now increased the dosages of my various medications so that I can get better rest and walk more comfortably. I'm also allowed, at long last, to apply heat to my abdomen to bring some relief to the cramps caused by the ureteral stent, required after last week's surgery. What a relief applying heat is!

Tell you what: kidney disease, the resulting pain, and the surgery to correct the problem drastically interfere with life! All this makes you wish that your mother had never met your father!  Both politics and blogging take a back seat.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Silliness — And Serious Business

Apparently, some people don't have enough to do.

See Trump Tower turns into 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps.

What is not silly is this recount business.

From this essay at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:
Calling for recounts with timing so precise as to deny the states where the (unnecessary) recounts occur, the ability to respond in time to certify the election BEFORE the College of Electors meets is not like a 5 year old playing with a Glock 22.

Hillary Clinton's OBVIOUS involvement in a recount which cannot be completed before the electors meet represents a willingness to begin the complete, and irreversible erosion of American faith in the presidential vote. Exactly, by the way, what the desperate democrats claims the Russian hacked and un-denied wikileaks was trying to do as the agent of IVAN.

[Because of the timing] the day [may arrive] that the electors can certify only 260 of Trump's electoral votes while recounts remain uncompleted...
Read the entire essay HERE.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Musical Interlude

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Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita No. 2, BWV 1004, performed by Hilary Hahn:

About this piece:

Friday, November 25, 2016

More Fragile Little Snowflakes

I see spoiled brats throwing tantrums (San Diego State University):

From this article at The College Fix (dated November 23, 2016):
San Diego State University on Tuesday hosted a “Healing Circle” to help students process their confusion, anger and fear over Donald Trump’s election and develop ways to stand against “injustice,” according to organizers.

The circle drew roughly 20 participants, a student who attended the session told The College Fix. Students sat at tables facing each other as facilitators talked them through the fact that they needed to come to grips with the election results, similar to the stages of grief.


Marketed as an event for “moving forward together,” students attending the event would learn about the “mental health and community-based resources” available to them following the election.


While the circle only drew a handful of students, the day after Election Day, hundreds of SDSU students took to the quad to protest Trump’s victory.


As distraught students across the country have denied recognizing Trump as the next president, SDSU has not been the only institution to offer community discussions and safe spaces.

The University of Michigan-Flint, Virginia Tech, Columbia University, Barnard College, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Iowa State, UC Santa Cruz, University of Pennsylvania, Rice University, UT-Austin, George Mason and many others have offered similar support to grieving students.
Read the rest HERE.

What are these whiny babies [aka fragile little snowflakes] going to do when, in the course of their lives, actual personal tragedy and grief strike them? Very, very few who walk this earth manage to escape devastating personal grief.

Furthermore, "healing circles" don't accomplish anything other than feeding a victimology mindset.

These young people need to get a job instead of taking up space at a university. They are simply too immature to be attending an institution of higher learning.  They need to grow up before embarking on what is touted to be "higher education."

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Graphic created by Stogie of Saberpoint:

Related reading: Warren's Thanksgiving post here at Always On Watch.

For my personal update, please see the information below the fold.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Especially for Ducky

Rush Limbaugh Tells ‘The True Story of Thanksgiving’

Posted by Warren

 Partial transcript follows:

“The story of the Pilgrims begins in the early part of the seventeenth century… The Church of England under King James I was persecuting anyone and everyone who did not recognize its absolute civil and spiritual authority.
“Those who challenged ecclesiastical authority and those who believed strongly in freedom of worship were hunted down, imprisoned, and sometimes executed for their beliefs.  A group of separatists first fled to Holland and established a community. After eleven years, about forty of them agreed to make a perilous journey to the New World,” across the Atlantic Ocean, “where they would certainly face hardships, but could live and worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences.
“On August 1, 1620, the Mayflower set sail. It carried a total of 102 passengers, including forty Pilgrims led by William Bradford. On the journey, Bradford set up an agreement, a contract, that established just and equal laws for all members of the new community, irrespective of their religious beliefs. Where did the revolutionary ideas expressed in the Mayflower Compact come from? From the Bible.  The Pilgrims were a people completely steeped in the lessons of the Old and New Testaments,” the Bible. The Pilgrims were religious, and they came here to establish freedom of religion; they fled across an entire ocean to escape religious persecution.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I've Handed Over The Keys

Updated 11/21

Until further notice, my dear friend Warren will be taking over posting here at Always On Watch.

Warning!  Warren does not suffer fools gladly!

Explanation of my absence below the fold.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Introduction

Posted by Warren

I believe that most of you know me through my comments on this blog but you don't know much about me.

Warren is my given name and I don't use my last name online for privacy reasons. (read trolls)

I am a Vietnam era Veteran.

I used to be a Conservative Libertarian but became a Libertarian Conservative. To some that might seem to be a distinction without a difference but Libertarians will know what it means and many would say I'm just a Conservative playing word games. I am not a Republican nor have I ever been but have always found the "stated" views of the Republicans to more closely represent my own. I have no good words for the Party of slavery.

The Left will not enjoy living with its own precedents.

Posted by Warren

(Addendum: The blog is presently in moderation.)

Beautiful piece of sarcasm at National Review by Kevin D. Williamson.

"Perversely, the Trump presidency is bearing some worthwhile fruit before it even begins: Once more, dissent is the highest form of patriotism, free speech is an absolute right that must be defended at all costs rather than regulated away in the name of reform, presidential power is to be limited, and the anti-war movement on the left, which went silent right around the time the fellow who won the Nobel Peace Prize started assassinating American citizens in extralegal drone strikes, has once again found its voice.

Two cheers for all that."

I'm waiting to see when these so-called "Progressives" start calling themselves "Liberals" again. (or something else)

I'm also heartened to see Chris Christie replaced on President Elect Trump's transition team by Vice President Elect Mike Pence.  VP Elect Pence is a solid Conservative (he used to call himself a recovering lawyer). He has served my home state, Indiana, well as Governor. Its a shame he dropped out of his race for his second term as Governor (which he would have won handily) but he is serving us all in his present position and I believe  a  President Pence would be a boon to the nation as a whole and the Conservative Movement.   


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Video: Top 20 Election Night Losers

What is the future of those included in the list of twenty?

Which of those in the above video will try to make a comeback?

Which will succeed in making a comeback?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why The November 8 Result?

Photo from the Daily Mail

One of my Facebook finds offers the following explanation:
Dear Democrats and Liberals,

I'm noticing that a lot of you aren't graciously accepting the fact that your candidate lost. In fact, you seem to be posting even more hateful things about those of us who voted for Trump.

Some of you are apparently "triggered."  Because you are posting how "sick" you feel about the results.

"How did this happen?" you ask.

You created "us" when you attacked our freedom of speech.

You created "us" when you attacked our right to bear arms.

You created "us" when you attacked our Christian beliefs.

You created "us" when you constantly referred to us as racists.

You created "us" when you constantly called us xenophobic.

You created "us" when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.

You created "us" when you forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating.

You created "us" when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.

You created "us" when you attacked our flag.

You created "us" when you confused women's rights with feminism.

You created "us" when you began to emasculate men.

You created "us" when you decided to make our children soft.

You created "us" when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.

You created "us" when you attacked our way of life.

You created "us" when you decided to let our government get out of control.

"You" created "us" the silent majority.

And we became fed up, and we pushed back and spoke up.

And we did it with ballots, not bullets.
Additional reading from THIS BLOG POST at Ed Bonderenka's site, Not of This World:
"You were supposed to be seeing that America's children were getting a top education, but you indoctrinated them with socialist ideals and Common Core.
You're Fired!"

"You were responsible for protecting our borders and you let people invade this country,
You're Fired!"

"You were supposed to be protecting America's environment and you put Americans out of work.
You're Fired!"

"You were supposed to be fighting America's enemies and you restrained our soldiers from prosecuting the war.
You're Fired!"

"You were charged with collecting taxes and you persecuted conservatives. You're Fired!"

"You were charged with administering services to veterans and you bought artwork. You're Fired!"